Grande Juju Mess Up

Today, I messed up my juju and stole a coffee. Sort of. I don’t condone stealing, nor do I make a point to do it.

I was in the drive thru at Starbucks and I ordered a grande caramel machiatto. I didn’t pay attention to the screen and listened as the girl quoted me a price of $3.95. I was surprised when I pulled up to the window and she then told me it was $4.65.

“$4.65?” I questioned. “I thought you said $3.95.” No matter. I reached into my wallet for another dollar. It wouldn’t be the first time overpriced merchandise had squeezed an extra dollar out of me.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Starbucks Girl said. “I put it in as a grande, not a tall. I’ll change that for you.”

As she did this and took my $4.00 I had handed her, it dawned on me that she hadn’t put grande into the screen when I ordered and had quoted me the price of a tall, but had entered in ‘grande’ by the time I got to the window. She had my order correct. I should be paying $4.65 for my coffee.

“I did order- it should be- ” I’m so awkward in situations like this. I never know what to say and try to say ten different things at once. It’s worse than when Cady Heron says ‘grool’ in Mean Girls.

“We already made the order as a grande though, so you can just have the grande.” Starbucks Girl continued. She handed me my $0.05 in change, which I felt guilty taking considering I technically owed her another $0.70 more.

“Right- it was- grande- uh I owe you more-”

“Have a great day!” Starbucks Girl says, shutting the drive thru window.

I had just become a coffee criminal.

Photo credit: Instagram story @courtney_kissel



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