A Moment Like This

Yesterday, I got to go into The Ohio State College of Medicine cadaver lab with my neuroscience class. So cool and so fun! I held and observed brains, spinal cords and dissections. Our cadaver had been dead since 2001, but the dissection planes were perfectly preserved. I could have easily spent all day in there.

A friend sent this photo to me shortly after I had gotten out of lab and told her about my experience. It literally takes the words right out of my mouth. During my senior year of high school, I had the opportunity to visit the morgue with my medical vocational proIMG_3227gram. We got to hold organs that had been removed for an autopsy. I had loved every second of it but was more interested in jumping right in and learning the structures and functions of everything. I wanted to know everything and see everything. Yesterday, when I had held the brain, it was different. I knew the structures already and could just appreciate the brain for what it was. I held it and stared at it and was completely amazed at how a lump of squishy, squiggly mush controls us. It doesn’t look any different from anyone else’s on the outside, but somewhere on the inside it’s completely unique to each one of us. I was holding the essence of what used to be a person; what was once their likes, dislikes, thoughts, fears, ideas, secrets, addictions, etc. was sitting in my hands.

The classes may be hard, really hard. I might have to study every day and sacrifice going out with my friends sometimes. Tuition may be expensive and I might have to sell my car or not get the newest phone update. But moments like this completely make up for all of that. I would much rather work hard now and have a job that I love and feel ecstatic and amazed like that for the rest of my life. Why do I want to be a doctor? For moments like this.


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