The Life of A Pre-Med Student: As Told By Girl Code

A day in the life of a pre-med student, as told by Girl Code:

1. Forget dressing up every day. Your backpack is your best friend and your only necessary accessory.


2. You’re totally confident about wearing that same college t-shirt for the third day in a row until you get to that one random, required freshmen class and see all the fashion major girls dressed up. But then again, you’re too tired to care.


3. You use snapchat as a mirror and attempt to boost your confidence.


4. Until someone tells you that you look like crap.


5. Just forget about those days with a full schedule and early morning classes.


6. Everyone compliments you on mastering the “natural” look.


7. But really it’s just a lot of cover up to hide the permanent bags under your eyes; a technique that men have not yet mastered.


8. And you hope that opening your eyes to put mascara on will wake you up in the morning…or at night…because you’re tired all the time.


9. You have limited clean cups for your drinks and no time to do dishes…


10. …or to go grocery shopping. Quite often, your meals consist of different combinations of foods that are easy to eat on the go.


11. So you eat whatever is available and don’t even care.


12. And you forget the scale because your diet has gone to shit and you have no time to waste standing on a scale anyways.


13. There’s always that one friend with the easy major who has time to be a total health nut and you don’t want to hear about it.


14. You don’t even need to exercise anymore because you’re pretty sure you lose weight from stress crying.


15. Sometimes a friend will see how stressed you are and offer to do you a favor.


16. You’re counting down the days until a holiday break. But you’ll still have work to do over break anyways. The only difference is that you can do it from the comfort of your bed.


17. You have to constantly remind yourself that it’s okay to get a B on an exam…and maybe even sometimes a C.


18. Your non-medical friends totally don’t get the pressure and approve of your career choice for all the wrong reasons.


19. So you start bonding with kids in your major who also spend nights in the library.


20. And you find yourself becoming one of those people who makes cheesy science puns all the time and watches Big Bang Theory.


21. You spend hours and hours studying a concept in the library just to take the exam and realize you somehow know nothing.


22. Everyone thinks that you have bitch face but really it’s just the face you make when you’re constantly thinking about what you have to do next. You’re not mean, you’re just stressed.


23. Some days you literally “can’t even” so you LOL a lot.


24. You’ll have at least one exam where nothing that was on the review is on the exam and you’re pissed at your professor.


25. And you come out of that exam like


26. You’re the first one off of campus when the semester ends because you’re finally free for the next 8 weeks and you intend to utilize every second of it.


…until you remember that you have summer classes.


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